You need to have two candles or somekind of light and something to play diamonds in the sky from sonic r go in your dark bathrrom the summoning has to be when it is dark if you want make a design of gtd and put it in your bathroom too If there is more ghosts in your house right they're names on gtd's design this will make gtd know who's ghost to fight Do not get gods names on the design. Know play the song and wait until the end of the song. If gtd dosn't apeare then you may have to wait. Beacos gtd is very shy. You have to do the summoning more then once. Do not burn or erase the design. And you have to have a mirror. You may see him in your dreamers or in real life. Do not be scared of him. You will maybe play a game with him days later like hide and seek if you hear him say something answer him. If you hear children laughing at night it may be him. If you hear an unknown language of a women or a boy it may be one of his privet things.