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August 1st 2014

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The popular mobile game Flappy Bird has been revived, as per fan request. The game is now available on Amazon Fire TV only, assumedly later seeing a release on iOS and Android. This version contains a new PvP mode, where people have to race each other to the goal with additional obstacles. It is compatible with the Fire TV remote.

The game was previously removed from the app store because Nguyen "couldn't take it anymore". This version of the game is notable less addictive, and reviewers and users alike have praised that.

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August 3rd 2014


Persona fans unite! New leaked promotional material for Persona 5 has surfaced, slating a reveal at the Tokyo Game Show in September. It is not yet confirmed if this is real or just photoshopped, but regardless, a very interesting piece of news. Leave your opinions down in the comments! The image can be seen below, what do you think?


August 6th 2014

First course of action: Goat Simulator releases in Australia tomorrow! Although it's a questionable purchase, it's still good fun. On another note, Street Fighter 5 also releases tomorrow in Australia. You aussies sure are in for a treat tomorrow. With good news out of the way, now to the sad shit.


Sony has quietly announced the cancellation of their project "PlayStation Mobile" which has rendered the Xperia Play truly dead. They announced that there is a "possibility that content may not work correctly with devices that have been updated to Android OS version 4.4.3 or later". Basically, that means that the platform is dead, RIP PlayStation Mobile. To be honest it never really took off.

Oh and the last COD Ghosts DLC released yesterday, but let's be honest. No-one gives a shit about that anymore. It includes a remake of the map "Shipment", pretty good. Except it looks nothing like Shipment...

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