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    August 19, 2014 by Godzilla Gamer

    I'll keep this page updated with the latest gaming related news! Imported from this page.

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    The popular mobile game Flappy Bird has been revived, as per fan request. The game is now available on Amazon Fire TV only, assumedly later seeing a release on iOS and Android. This version contains a new PvP mode, where people have to race each other to the goal with additional obstacles. It is compatible with the Fire TV remote.

    The game was previously removed from the app store because Nguyen "couldn't take it anymore". This version of the game is notable less a…

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    I was pretty excited when I heard that Animal Crossing: New Leaf was close to release. I got it on the first day when it came to my city. I will be putting my friend code in and my Dream Address for those who want a dream of my town.

    If you want to be buddies just put your Friend Code in the comments below.

    FC: 1607-1630-7783

    DA: 5100-2265-1314

    My characters name is Nicole and I live in Alternia. Jack and Toby use their accounts and Wheatley is my pathing account.

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  • Good tails doll

    You need to have two candles or somekind of light and something to play diamonds in the sky from sonic r go in your dark bathrrom the summoning has to be when it is dark if you want make a design of gtd and put it in your bathroom too If there is more ghosts in your house right they're names on gtd's design this will make gtd know who's ghost to fight Do not get gods names on the design. Know play the song and wait until the end of the song. If gtd dosn't apeare then you may have to wait. Beacos gtd is very shy. You have to do the summoning more then once. Do not burn or erase the design. And you have to have a mirror. You may see him in your dreamers or in real life. Do not be scared of him. You will maybe play a game with him days later …

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  • MaskedManClaus


    July 7, 2014 by MaskedManClaus

    Created to work, born only to fight, left without any semblance of knowledge of past. No linking of memory, no recollection, not even any matter of love. Even in my mechanic illusionary trance, something remains inside my deepest subliminal conscience. Something whispering in my ear, a bit of a long past life, someone trying to my attention very desperately. A voice that I drown out, a voice that I refuse to hear through my thick, murky fog. The voice of peace and my own special kind of love. I was made for work, but what was I created for? Is my maker my creator? Or is my existence due to someone other than what I know and fight for? In fact, they [1] might even be on the exact side I was fighting against. Perhaps I am fighting for someth…

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